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    Thank you for your interest in Blastfax.com.

    Since 1993 we have helped thousands of Companies distribute their important information instantly with our Credit Card Billed Fax Broadcasting Service.

    All of our clients enjoy receiving 5.9 cents per minute faxing with no monthly minumums, as well as our Email to Fax Services from $ 8.95 per month.

    Our Customers wanted to receive their faxes via email, so we created our Virtual Fax Service which allows you to receive your faxes via email. You can have a 800 toll free number or a Local Houston numbers such as mine (281-664-3330). There are many benefits of receiving your faxes via email. Pricing begins at $ 8.95 per month for a Houston number, and $ 12.95 for a National Toll Free Efax Number.

    Our sales team is ready to answer your questions. Simply fill in this form and click Send Request.

    Email (ie support@blastfax.com)
    Phone (ie 7135551234)

    The Blastfax.com Operational staff is ready to address questions and solve any problems you may have. Below, you will find information for contacting our sales and technical staff.

    While logged on you can Instant Message with our Staff.

    Email support@blastfax.com with any technical issues, or call 855-443-4663 for Sales Questions.

    We simply provide Web Based Credit Card billed Fax Broadcasting Services for 5.9 cents per page with no monthly minimum.

    If you need to contact our staff outside of normal business hours, send an email to our After Hours Support group and they will be paged with your message.

    Description Contact Information Operational Time

    Broadcast Sales

    Voice: (832) 271-0301

    Email: sales@blastfax.com

    Monday - Friday
    9am - 6pm CST (GMT -6 hours)

    Technical Support

    Email: support@blastfax.com

    Monday - Friday
    9am - 6pm CST (GMT -6 hours)

    After Hours Sales & Support

    Available once you log in.

    24 hours, 7 days