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  • Fax Broadcasting (Bulk Fax) Pricing

    Blastfax.com provides a Credit Card billed Fax Broadcasting services for only 5.9 cents per minute successfully delivered with no monthly mimums.

    We try to keep our pricing schedule as simple as possible. All faxes to the US are just $.059 per minute. Additional charges that you may encounter are limited to the items listed below.

    Minimum Charge
    We have a no monthly minumum but there is a minimum $10.00 charge for all fax batches. This is the equivalent of 169 pages of faxing. The minimum is not charged for batches that exceed the 169 page minimum.

    International Numbers
    International numbers are billed for based on the prevailing market rate given to us by our carriers. This rate may fluctuate often due to market conditions, but because we keep our markup low, you can rest assured we're giving you the best deal possible. View Current International Rates.

    Merge Documents
    Merge Documents give you a great way to personalize your broadcast for the individual recipient. By using conventional mail merge fields in your Microsoft Word document, we can merge with the data from your list at send time to do things like put the recipient's name or company name in the message. This process is a bit more work on our backend though, so for merge jobs there is an additional 1 cent surcharge added to our low 6.9 cent per minute rate.

    Remove Me (IVR) Service
    Our Remove Me Service, also known as IVR subscriber removal service, makes life much easier for you by handling your list removals automatically. After you sign up for this service, you will be assigned a toll-free number which you can put on every fax broadcast you send out. The charge is $10/month and $.10 for each removal call processed.

    What is the IVR / Remove Me Service?
    IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a telephony based system we offer for automatic fax number removal. This service provides your clients with an easy to use mechanism to be quickly added to your Do Not Fax list.

    Who should use the IVR / Remove Me Service?
    IVR is an optional service recommended for all clients. By law, you must provide a means for a fax recipient to be removed from a fax list.

    How does the IVR / Remove Me Service work?
    When called, the user is prompted to enter their fax number to be removed. The number is then added to your Do Not Fax list which all lists are scrubbed against before being sent.

    When will I be billed and what is the price for the IVR / Remove Me Service?
    This service will be billed monthly and charged to the credit card you have on file. For only $10 per month and $.10 per call, you can eliminate the added frustration and reduce the costs associated with manually managing your Do Not Call List. You can cancel the service at any time.

    Where can I subscribe for the IVR/ Remove Me Service?
    You can order this service from Account Settings menu under the Bulk Faxing tab at the Blastfax.com website.

    Sales Tax
    Texas based customers will be charged sales tax on their fax batches. The current sales tax rate is 8.25%. Tax exempt organizations can provide our sales team proper documentation and negate the tax charges on their batches.

    Reducing Bulk Faxing Costs - How do I make my batch transmission cheaper?
    To save money, you should use the smallest file possible to convey your message. Here are a few actions you can take to optimize a file:

    • Avoid any colored items in the document. Black and white will provide the shortest transmission times.
    • Remove colored or shaded backgrounds.
    • Remove or minimize grayscale images and use black and white images.
    • Replace colored text with black text.
    • Consolidate your message into fewer printed characters.

    eFax (Email to Fax) and Fax to Email Pricing

    There are three Fax to Email (eFax) Solutions for inbound faxing needs:

    • Texas Fax to Email Fax numbers for $8.95 per month includes 300 incoming fax pages.
    • Choose your Fax to Email area code available in most States for $12.95 per month includes 300 incoming fax pages.
    • Nationwide Toll Free 800 number for only $12.95 per month includes 50 incoming fax pages.

    Send Faxes from your Email
    Send faxes directly from your iPhone, Droid, Webmail, or Outlook Email system which is available when signing up on one of the three Fax to Email solutions.

    Fax to Email users can send their faxes for only 6.9 cents per page directly from your email.

    Call (832) 271-03011 with any questions or send an email to support@blastfax.com