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    With our Email to fax services you will no longer need a physical fax machine. We give you a real telephone number that you can give out and receive faxes with. Once a fax is received, it is forwarded to your email address as well as stored on our server for viewing over the web. Sending faxes is a simple matter of printing to our fax printer driver from your desktop applications like Microsoft Word. It is then transmitted using our equipment.

    Key features:

    • Email Reception - Receive faxes in your email inbox. Faxes are sent as an attachment in .TIF format.
    • Online Viewing - View received faxes while you are traveling using our web site.
    • Send Faxes - Send faxes right from your desktop using our software or the web site.
    • Convenience - The convenience of being able to print, forward or save faxes on your hard drive. Receive faxes anywhere you can get your email.
    • Security - Now you can feel secure in knowing that an important fax document will be received in your desktop, as opposed to sitting on a fax machine where it can be seen by anyone.
    • No Busies - You can receive multiple faxes simultaneously. People sending you faxes will no longer get busy signals.

    Does it require special software?
    No. Your fax will come as an email with a .TIF attachment. This file can be opened with standard software already on your PC. The Signup and Account Management email to fax functions are all web based.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You will need to have the correct billing address as well as the card verification code from the physical card in order to complete the sign up process.

    Are there hidden fees?
    Absolutely not! Total charge is only a low monthly fee and there are no other service fees or activation fees with this email to fax service. (sales tax applies to Texas users)

    How do I sign up for email to Fax service?
    It's easy to sign up. Simply complete our automated account sign up and you will immediately be issued a Fax Number that you can give out and start receiving faxes immediately. Sign Me Up!

    Browser compatibility with your service?
    If you are having problems accessing the site, you should check your browser for compatibility. Simply go to the Browser Inspection page and let us test it for you.

    Do you filter junk faxes?
    We have no direct way to stop or control junk faxes that might be sent to you. Your first course of action is look for a removal number on the fax and call to have your fax number taken off their list. We also ask that you please forward a copy to junkfaxes@myvfm.com. If we see the same company sending to multiple users we will try and contact them directly and ask that they stop. This is often a long and difficult process that may or may not have any positive effect. If we can determine the fax number sending the junk faxes we can also have that number blocked from our system.

    Is my data kept private?
    Your data and personal information will never be shared with anyone outside of our support team. It is against our company policy.

    Can I receive faxes while traveling?
    One of the greatest advantages of our service is the ability to receive faxes with our email to fax service when you are on the road. You can now have access to your fax mail anywhere that you have access to your email.

    Send A Fax Using The Desktop Faxing Software
    Our desktop client is actually a printer driver that you print to using any application on your computer.

    Requirements for running the Desktop Faxing software:

    • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT4 SP6/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 or above
    • Read more about Desktop Faxing...

    How Do I Close My Email to Fax Account?
    An option to close your account is located at the bottom of the My Accounts page. Jump directly to Close My Account.

    Call (832) 271-0301 with any questions or send an email to support@blastfax.com